Missing save points on Inferno in Resident Evil 3

Some of you may already noticed, that the highest difficulty setting of Resident Evil 3 lacks a few save points. If you also happen to plan your “use only 4 saves run”, you might want to know the ones that are missing. In this short guide, I put together all missing save points in Resident Evil 3 with a screenshot. I also included a full list so you can check which ones are still available.

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Watching the Expanse after Star Trek Picard

Shortly after watching the last episode of Star Trek Picard, I binge-watched the latest season of The Expanse. The 4th season of this space SciFi show is already out for a few months, but I figured I can take my time. This is some weird ritual I tend to do with media products – also counting movies, games or music – from which I know that they are good. It’s not going anywhere, so I rather watch it when I feel like it.

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Star Trek Picard

For me, the appeal of Star Trek was always its utopian vision of the future. Whilst the Expanse transfers current ethical and economical struggles into space, Star Trek puts some of these themes behind it. It’s about exploring space peacefully and searching for diplomatic resolutions of conflicts.

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Star Trek Voyager Season 6

Last fall I finally started to watch Star Trek Voyager. It’s the 5th Star Trek Series and I already watched all episodes of TOS, TNG, and DS9 before. Yeah I skipped TAS, which I plan to catch up on eventually.
I did watch Voyager back in the days of free TV, I even had the VHS cassettes of the first 2 episodes. But unlike TNG or DS9 I never managed to see more than the first few seasons (at least in parts). So it was about time and I slowly but surely managed to watch one season after another. Since I recently finished the 6th Season, I wanted to highlight the three episodes I enjoyed the most.

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