Writing walkthroughs and game news in 2008

Even though I was mainly writing walkthroughs for video games, I always tried some other text formats on the side. I did write a few reviews for a no longer existing German video game website, a short event impression and I even did an interview once. But gaming news was rather new for me.

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Writing walkthroughs in 2003

I used to write walkthroughs for video games. Even though this never became my full-time job, it did influence some of my career choices. Back in the days – I was still in school – writing guides was at first more an elaborate hobby. But don’t get me wrong, right from the start it was not just satisfying to solve tricky passages in games, but also sharing this information with other gamers.

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What a (Resident Evil) Revelations 2

My journey back into the Resident Evil Franchise started a few weeks ago with the latest Remake. I already knew Revelations (1) from the 3DS, but Revelations 2 was completely new for me. And I was more than positively surprised by it.

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