What a (Resident Evil) Revelations 2

Resident Evil Revelations 2

My journey back into the Resident Evil Franchise started a few weeks ago with the latest Remake. I already knew Revelations (1) from the 3DS, but Revelations 2 was completely new for me. And I was more than positively surprised by it.

2 without 1

For some reason, Resident Evil Revelations 2 does not have that much to do with its predecessor. The numbered titles of the main series at least continue to revolve around Racoon City, the Redfields, or something like that. But in the case of Revelations 2, you don’t need the first one, at all. There is no continuation of the Virus of the first game, or it’s characters or organizations or the after-credits scene. So anyone wondering in which order to play the games, you might as well start with the second.

Less action, more Co-Op

Since Revelations 2 came out way later than the first one, I was afraid it would throw even more action gameplay at me. But it doesn’t, on the contrary, the game even offers some stealth sections. However, if you don’t like it you can also just shoot the enemies, so no worries there. It also emphasizes Co-Op, which even works with the A.I. (at least and the latest PS4 version of the game).

Apart from that, you get your typical post Resident Evil 4/5 Gameplay, so run around with your main character – Claire Redfield or Barry Burton – and shoot enemies. At any time it’s also possible to change to the second character, which is either Moira Burton or Natalia. Moira can only use a crowbar since she is afraid of using guns (which the game only explains way later); Natalia on the other hand is a little girl, so she can only throw bricks, but she can spot enemies through walls using her special ability.

Weird story and over the top cut scenes

I don’t want to spoil the story here or even the main antagonist. It is just too much fun guessing yourself. But I do want to point out that the game offers some hilarious over the top cut-scenes, especially the last boss fight. But of course, it is yet another virus and some crazy megalomaniac person that wants to utilize its properties.

Why did I like the game?

Revelations 2 is a lot of fun: The story kept me interested, the gameplay is (with a few exceptions) not too much action, which is especially true for the stealth sections and this caters a lot to my playstyle. Compared to the first game, I enjoyed the second one way more in almost every aspect. This even went so far that I also played the Invisible Mode and Countdown Mode. Both are somewhat challenging, but also satisfy two very different play styles: Fast and precise in Countdown, slow and very perfectionistic in Invisible Mode.

If you are not the biggest fan of some of the newer action-packed Resident Evil games, you should give Revelations 2 a chance. It stars cheesy characters and evil masterminds combined with good gameplay.

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