Star Trek Voyager Season 7

It took me longer than expected from my last post about Star Trek Voyager to finish the show. One of the reasons could be that I tried to enjoy the show as long as possible (since it feels like the end of an era). Like the last time, I want to highlight a few scenes I enjoyed the most.


My first highlight of the season was Episode 152, “Inside Man”. In this episode, we see a very different, way to cool, Reginald Barcley. So of course it’s a trap. It also revisits a common Voyager theme, playing with the possibility of a faster way to return home. But in this case, it’s just a very elaborate scheme of some Ferengis, which is the other reason I like this episode. The Delta Quadrant – by nature – only contains very few Ferengi (they even remembered the ones from TNG stranded there). Coming from DS9 I kind of miss their different perspective on utopian Star Trek SciFi life. This episode also foreshadows Star Trek Picard and how Borg technology has quite a high value.

Speaking of Picard, the two-part episode “Flesh and Blood” (155-156) deals with the question of artificial life and where to draw the line. It’s about holograms, fighting for their independence and of course, the doctor ends up in the middle of this conflict. I don’t really want to spoil it more than necessary, but it’s definitely an episode worth watching.

… and Klingons

The season also contains more than usual Klingon aka B’Elanna episodes, but one stood out: “Prophecy” (160). It already starts out with a weirdly old Klingon ship in the Delta quadrant. Turns out, they are on a century-long search for some kind of savior. During the episode, we can also witness how to bend the meaning of prophecies to fit a not always perfectly matching reality.

Those were just a few examples of the episodes I liked. However, I do need to point out that I was a little bit disappointed about the end of Star Trek Voyager. Especially compared to Deep Space Nine, the ending of Voyager feels strangely rushed, with no built-up or great send-offs (except of course for Neelix). It would’ve also been nice to see the Voyager and it’s crew back in the Alpha quadrant for a few episodes.

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