about me

This blog is an attempt to gather all my different interests and hobbies and craft them into short articles. Writing is something I do for quite some time, starting with walkthroughs for video games almost two decades ago. That passion led me to study mass media and communication science to learn more about the academic and scientific side of text production. But I didn’t stop there, I also studied Philosophy and Art history to expand my knowledge about art, design, and more ontological matters.

After some time in technical support, I returned to writing. Producing user documentation as Technical Writer is not so different from writing walkthroughs. The goal stays the same: providing information that enables users to solve their problems. With this blog, I want to cover yet another kind of writing, a more personal approach. Describing my take on different entertainment products, but also some occasional (specialty) coffee experiences.

Lately I also become even more interested into Mozartkugeln, which will be one of the main focus points of this blog for now.