Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations

The recent release of Resident Evil 3 re-ignited my already long-lasting affection to this video game series. So I figured I fill in some of the blanks and play older Resident Evil games or try my luck with titles I already knew.

From handheld to the home console

When it comes to Revelations, I already finished the game. I played it when it was first released for the Nintendo 3DS back in 2012, thanks to the Circle Pad Pro it was playable on the handheld. But I did not remember that much about it, only that it was not that bad and on a ship.

Coming from the currently latest Resident Evil game, Revelations plays and feels somewhat familiar. You run around, shoot most of the enemies, there is a dodging ability and an occasional boss fight. You play most of the time as Jill Valentine, interrupted by a few chapters starring Chris Redfield and some other new characters.

Many many enemies and the first boss

The first mini-boss fight might prove to be a critical decision point for this game. At least it was for me. It’s a big bullet spongy blob, chasing you around the promenade, instantly killing you when you don’t dodge, whilst seemingly endless additional enemies continue to spawn in. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but just not my taste or definition of fun. It is, however, the only boss fight built around this kind of game design, so if you suffer the same resentment it’s worth pushing through. But the game just seems to love the concept of players stuck in a well-confined area and pouring in enemies.

a-chronological storytelling?

I figured that I would get the story since I already played the game once. And I also remembered being a little bit confused. And that feeling did not change. For some reason, it keeps being disorientating how the Chris storyline ties in with Jill, especially at the beginning. The overall story is also not too compelling (I don’t want to spoil it here, for the few people that haven’t played or read about it yet), but do be honest, that’s really not what you should be looking for in a Resident Evil game. That being said, there were entries in the series that did better on that part.

Should you still play this?

If you’re a big Resident Evil fan and coming from the more action-orientated entries (like Resident Evil 5), you will most likely enjoy this game. It’s also clear that it has been designed around a mobile device, with a large fragmentation into small Episodes. For me, it was a little bit to much action, too many confined spaces with endless waves of monsters or hunters. The bosses also continued to be rather bullet spongy, not clearly indicating weak spots; even though it gets obviously easier when you have better-upgraded weapons. There is also an additional Raid Mode that caters to a shooter-like playstyle, which basically is one of the larger issues for me with the overall game. However, if that is something you like then you should definitely give this game a try.

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