Where to get specialty coffee on a Sunday in Vienna?

Some of you might know that Sundays in Austria are usually more of a slow day. Stores or supermarkets are closed and its basically the day off for many people. On the flip side, this means more time to visit third-wave coffee shops!

Specialty cafés with Sunday opening hours

First, let’s look at the available options for Sundays (at the date of this blog post). The 9th district offers a lot of possibilities, with Jonas Reindl, No Panic Coffee, and CoffeePirates Vienna. The same is true for the 7th district, where you can choose between Café Comet, Jonas Reindl, and Brass Monkey. The city center offers Fenste Cafe, but there are also different cafés further away from the city center: Gota Kaffee, Vogel Kaffee, Brass Monkey, and Coffee Junkie.

Vogel Kaffee


My first stop today was Vogel Kaffee. Its a nice 10-minute walk from the U1 station Vorgartenstraße, leading through newly built residential buildings. They offer 4 different Espresso beans to try, something I can hardly resist.

Cowome Vienna Coffee

The barista is also really nice, but as I already mentioned before, this is a very common thing for specialty coffees in Vienna. Even though I only had 3 different (Doppio) Espressos, I decided to probably tune it down a little for the day. It’s definitely worth a visit and so far one of the few speciality coffee shops in Vienna where you can try more than 2 Espressos at the same time. Of course, they also offer some beans for home from different roasters. It’s a great variety and probably the best address if you need coffee beans on a Sunday (and already tried the other roasters in Vienna).

CoffeePirates Vienna or my first AeroPress

Since I already had a great Espresso at Jonas Reindl yesterday I decided to visit one of my Sunday go to places instead, Coffee Pirates.

My first AeroPress

This visit was something “special” since I’m still looking into brew methods for the office. For that, I wanted to try the AeroPress. Even though I hoped it would be a little bit stronger than other filter methods (like the V60) it didn’t differentiate that much. It did taste good but I guess overall I would rather prefer V60, so I will probably continue to search for a good manual brewing method.

I actually wanted to visit a few more third-wave coffee shops, but I guess I was already caffeinated enough for the day. But as you can see, there are some options available even for Sundays in Vienna and it probably depends on your personal preferences when it comes to roasters and taste.

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