Star Trek Voyager Season 6

Last fall I finally started to watch Star Trek Voyager. It’s the 5th Star Trek Series and I already watched all episodes of TOS, TNG, and DS9 before. Yeah I skipped TAS, which I plan to catch up on eventually.
I did watch Voyager back in the days of free TV, I even had the VHS cassettes of the first 2 episodes. But unlike TNG or DS9 I never managed to see more than the first few seasons (at least in parts). So it was about time and I slowly but surely managed to watch one season after another. Since I recently finished the 6th Season, I wanted to highlight the three episodes I enjoyed the most.

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Vienna specialty coffee tour

During the week I try to visit some third-wave coffee places after work. Since I want to gather pictures for my coffee shop list, I currently prefer places close together. Of course, another great upside is the fact that I get to taste many different coffees.

Whilst the list I’m working on strifes to be as objective as possible, this tour article contains a few personal notes and impressions. It also provides a route for a speciality coffee tour, in this case, the 6th and 7th district of Vienna.

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A new blog is born

Starting a blog in 2020 might be a severe case of “late to the party”. However, it might be the perfect time to start a new one, especially since this website strives to be more than just a blog. It should also become a collection, for example, a list of specialty coffee shops in Vienna. At the same time I want to document my espresso journey, so you can expect more articles on that topic.

This blog is not my first attempt to create and maintain a directory of some sort. A few years ago I started, a website covering some parts of the video game scene in Austria. With this blog, I want to cover more topics, starting with coffee but also expanding to Mozartkugeln (but also of course video games) and more.