Where to buy Mozartkugeln in Vienna

Visiting Vienna and wondering where you can buy Mozartkugeln in the capital of Austria? The following guide takes you on a short tour to a few places where you can buy handmade Mozartkugeln in Vienna.

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The map above (open large version here) gives you an overview of the tour. The start point is the Vienna State Opera, but you could also do a different route depending on where you are. Pass by the opera, and on the right side you almost immediately run into the first Mozartkugel store.

Mozartkugel from Lindt / Hofbauer

These are factory-made Mozartkugeln, but since you’re already passing by the shop we might as well mention it here: The Lindt store at Kärntner Straße 53. They offer two variations: Blue or red wrapped Mozartkugeln. The only difference between those two is the outer coating which is either milk chocolate (blue) or dark chocolate (red).

Mozartkugel from Gerstner

Only a few steps from your last stop, at Kärntner Straße 51, you find the first hand-made Mozartkugeln of this tour. The K. u. K. Hofzuckerbäcker Gerstner offers them in an unmarked blue wrapping in their store and they contain a lot of Marzipan.

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Handmade Mozartkugels from Salzburg at Bonbons Anzinger

The Echte Mozart-Kugel from the Altstadt-Confiserie is actually only available in Salzburg. However, Bonbons Anzinger also offers them in Vienna! From Kärntner Straße, turn left into Maysedergasse, follow it to a larger square and you will find the store on the right at Tegetthoffstraße 7.

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Mozartkugels from Chocolada at Vienna Sweets and Gifts

From the last store, simply follow Tegetthoffstraße until you come to a larger square, Neuer Markt. Right on the corner at Neuer Markt 8a you will find Vienna Sweets and Gifts. Although not the cheapest place to buy Mozartkugeln, you will find the largest selection of different types of Chocolada here (including a vegan version). There are also some other industrially produced Mozartkugel to buy, but we would recommend going to the nearby Billa Corso, where you can also find some Mozartkugel from Chocolada, but unfortunately usually fewer varieties.

Mozartkugels from Chocolada at Billa Corso

From the last store, go to the other side of the large square, where you will find the Billa Corso at Neuer Markt 17. As mentioned above, you will find a wide variety of industrially produced Mozartkugeln here, as well as the handmade Mozartkugeln from Chocolada.

The Chocolada Mozartkugels are tucked away near the elevator on the first floor. This store is also a good place to stock up on other industrially produced Mozartkugeln from Mirabell, Heindl, Reber or Victor Schmidt / Manner.

Haas & Haas Mozartkugel

Return to the Kärntner Straße and follow it all the way to Stephansplatz. Keep to the right side and go by the Stephansdom, on the backside of the cathedral you can find the next Mozartkugel. It’s another handmade one by Haas & Haas at Stephansplatz 4. This one is sold in small packages since it’s not wrapped.

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Leschanz-Mozartkugel from Leschanz

Turn around and go back in the direction you came from. On the other side of the Stephansplatz go straight into the small street next to the Haas Haus (Goldschmiedgasse). Follow this small street and turn right at the first chance, to get to Leschanz at Freisingergasse 1. This is another hand-made Mozartkugel that contains not just Marzipan, but also different kinds of nougat.

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Julius Meinl

From Leschanz, simply follow the road and keep left at the large church (it is called St. Peter and is definitely worth a visit). On the next larger pedestrian zone – the Graben – keep to the right and walk straight ahead to the end. Here you can already see a large building, Julius Meinl.

You can now buy the round Mozart Koogles from Julius Meinl in many stores, but the store at Graben 19 is definitely worth a visit.

Zum Schwarzen Kameel Mozartkugel

When you are in front of Julius Meinl, keep to the right and walk towards Tuchlauben, after a short distance you can turn left into Bognergasse. Actually a restaurant, Schwarzes Kameel at Bognergasse 5 also sells handmade Mozartkugels, but these are only available in a larger package.

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Heindl Mozart Kugel

Another bonus as it’s on the way anyway: Return to Stephansplatz, where you will find a Heindl branch at Stephansplatz 11. Industrially produced and available in many supermarkets, you can buy this Mozartkugel directly from the “source”. There is also a round version, but it has the same contents as the normal shape.

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Wenschitz Mozartkugel at Rosenauer’s

Coming from Kärntner Straße, cross Stephansplatz and leave it in the direction of Schwedenplatz via Rotenturmstraße. Follow the street until you can turn right onto Fleischmarkt. Here you will find Rosenauer’s Wiener Schokolade at Fleischmarkt 12. In addition to some industrial Mozartkugels, you can also buy the Feinste Mozartkugel from Wenschitz, which is handmade and actually comes from Upper Austria.

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Die 1. BIO Mozartkugel from BIO Café Konditorei Hanauer / Supercake

Already a little longer there is another handmade Mozartkugel in the 23rd district of Vienna. The 1. BIO Mozartkugel is as the name suggests not only organic, but also vegan. Unfortunately, you will have to travel a little longer to get them at the BIO Café Konditorei Hanauer in the Breitenfurter Straße 351/1.

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Mozartkugeln in Vienna

This concludes the Mozartkugel tour of Vienna. Especially the industrial-made ones are usually available in almost every bigger store in Vienna. However, the hand-made ones mentioned above are only available at their respective store (with a few exceptions, but are you really such a big fan to hunt all over Vienna and the airport for Mozartkugeln?). If you can’t get enough of Mozartkugeln you can also check out the article about Salzburg and where the get Mozartkugeln there, or browse trough the full list of all Mozartkugeln we discovered so far.

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  1. Waarom kon ik geen mozartkuglen kopen.met drank erin ( zoals 30 jaar geleden?)
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    1. Thanks for the praise! And I might do a top 5 somewhere in the future, but for now I want to stay as neutral as possible so everyone can form their own opinion 🙂

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