New Mozartkugeln in 2023

In 2023, we discovered some new Mozartkugels. These include handmade ones from Vienna and Germany, some industrially produced ones from well-known manufacturers and a large number of rebrands that we took a closer look at.

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Handmade Mozartkugels from Germany

Our list already included some Mozartkugels from Germany from various industrial manufacturers. In spring 2023, Pralinen Art / Cindy Welz started producing handmade Mozartkugeln. These are available either coated in milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

Handgemachte Mozartkugeln aus Deutschland

The Mozartkugeln from Meister Küfners Nusseckenmanufaktur have also been available for some time. This handmade Mozartkugel is not only organic, but also vegan. Both Pralinen Art and Meister Küfner offer online delivery if you would like to try these Mozart chocolates for yourself.

Handmade Mozartkugels in and from Vienna

In 2023 we updated our Where to buy Mozartkugeln in Vienna article as we have made several exciting new discoveries! The Schwarzes Kameel in Vienna has been offering its own Mozartkugeln for over a decade. Konditorei Hanauer has also been offering homemade Mozartkugels for several years, which are not only vegan but also organic! When it comes to vegan, Chocolada should not be left out either, which has also been offering a green-wrapped vegan Mozartkugel since 2023.

New Mozartkugels from Reber and Julius Meinl

Reber has once again launched new Mozartkugeln in 2023. In the summer, the fruity White Mozart-Kugel Peach and in the fall, the Constanze Mozart-Kugel Amaretto Almond. Also in autumn, Julius Meinl added a new flavor to their Mozart Koogles: Marc de Champagne.

Rebranded Mozartkugels in Germany

In Germany, various Mozart chocolates from different discounters have been available under their own brand for some time now. These are usually rebrands, produced by Lambertz or Halloren. To ensure that our list of all Mozartkugels is complete, we have taken a closer look at them.

Mozartkueln von deutschen Discountern

Penny offers Mozartkugels under its own Best Moments brand, while Kaufland offers them under the Favourites brand. Aldi also offers various Mozartkugeln under the Châteu brand, either in milk or dark chocolate.

Aldi Nord also launched three new Mozartkugeln in the summer. Three flavors were offered under the Châteu brand: Classic, Lemon or Strawberry. However, this was only a limited-time promotion and those are no longer available for the time being.

15 new Mozartkugeln

We discovered quite some new Mozartkugels last year. Some of them had already been on the market for a very long time, especially the handmade ones from Vienna, but also the countless rebrands from German discounters. In 2023, however, there were also several completely new Mozartkugels: The handmade ones from Pralinen Art / Cindy Welz, a new one from Chocolada, two new ones from Reber and a new variety from Mozart Koogles. You can find videos about these Mozartkugels on our YouTube channel, and of course we have also included them in our List of all Mozartkugeln article.

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