New specialty coffee shops in Vienna in 2023

It’s become a tradition for me to look back over the past year and see which new speciality coffee shops opened in Vienna. So, lets have a look together at the new shops you can visit.

Before we get into the details, an important preface: The list consists of coffee shops that offer either fruity espresso roasts to drink in the shop and/or fruity filter options. This may be a bit narrow and is mainly my personal taste. However, it allows me to reduce what would otherwise be a very, very long list of coffee places.

Jonas Reindl – Josefstädter Straße

In February, Jonas Reindl Coffee Roasters opened a third location at Josefstädter Straße 67 in Vienna’s 8th district. Here they offer a range of beans from their own roastery and you can get espresso as well as filter coffee.

Elias Coffee Shop Vienna

They opened in March in a very central location at Parkring 14 in the 1st district. The café itself has a very unique large interior, consisting of one huge room. They use beans from Viennese roaster/coffee shop Caffè Couture and offer both light roasts and filter coffees.

The Good Coffee Society – Ilgplatz

In May, The Good Coffee Society opened its second café in the 2nd district, at Ilgplatz 6. They offer a variety of espresso roasts and usually a large selection of filter coffees to try. The beans come from different roasters all over the world, and you can also choose from a range of snacks if you’re not just there for the coffee.

Vogel Kaffee

Strictly speaking, this is not a new coffee shop, but since there have been some changes, I wanted to mention it. Cowome Vienna, which has been at Bruno-Marek-Allee 19A for a few years now, changed its name to Vogel Kaffee in May. Still run by Ali Vogel, the shop is now bigger and has more seating-space, while still offering a wide range of different espresso roasts to try, as well as filter coffees of course. They have also become a micro-roaster, roasting some of the beans they offer themselves.


2023 was mainly a year where already established names opened additional shops, or changed their name. Nothing wrong with that, it mainly helps those of you living next to one of the new locations! All of those mentioned serve great Espresso or Filter coffee, so if you’re passing by or visiting Vienna I can recommend all of them.

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