Writing walkthroughs in 2003

I used to write walkthroughs for video games. Even though this never became my full-time job, it did influence some of my career choices. Back in the days – I was still in school – writing guides was at first more an elaborate hobby. But don’t get me wrong, right from the start it was not just satisfying to solve tricky passages in games, but also sharing this information with other gamers.

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List of all Mozartkugeln

This is a growing list of all Mozartkugeln. It starts with the handmade ones from Salzburg and Vienna, but it also covers industrial ones from all over the world and different variations including re-brands. The list also links to the YouTube videos showing you the unboxing, unwrapping and the cross section of each Mozartkugel.

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Watching Star Trek Enterprise for the first time

It seems I just can’t get enough of Star Trek, or let’s say a specific kind of Star Trek. But after only recently finishing Star Trek Voyager and whilst still watching the latest season of Discovery, I figured I might as well jump into the next show of the franchise.

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Star Trek Voyager Season 7

It took me longer than expected from my last post about Star Trek Voyager to finish the show. One of the reasons could be that I tried to enjoy the show as long as possible (since it feels like the end of an era). Like the last time, I want to highlight a few scenes I enjoyed the most.

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