Vienna specialty coffee tour

During the week I try to visit some third-wave coffee places after work. Since I want to gather pictures for my coffee shop list, I currently prefer places close together. Of course, another great upside is the fact that I get to taste many different coffees.

Whilst the list I’m working on strifes to be as objective as possible, this tour article contains a few personal notes and impressions. It also provides a route for a speciality coffee tour, in this case, the 6th and 7th district of Vienna.

Akrap Espressobar & kaffeemik

First I started at Akrap Espressobar. I drank one Espresso, I also took a look at their coffee, which is currently available in 1/2 Kilo packages. However, there was not much I was interested in at the time and I also currently prefer smaller packages to cover a greater variety of coffees.
The next stop was kaffeemik. I already went there a few times, which also means I got used to the very fruity coffees they usually offer. I enjoyed one cup of Espresso, but you can choose between two different ones. They also sell coffee from different places, so I bought two packages for home (James Gourmet Coffee and Gardelli).

Café Comet

Continuing my tour through the 7th district I went to Café Comet. Another coffee shop I already visited a few times. They always offer their house blend and additionally change a different one weekly. You can also buy Fürth Kaffee there and choose from a large variety of beans.

Wolfgang Coffee

It was already getting somewhat late, so I headed back in the direction of Mariahilferstraße. I took a picture of Jonas Reindl in the Westbahnstrasse on my way, but I didn’t go in since I already visited the other shop near the university many times. However, I was rather keen on trying out Wolfgang Coffee right around the corner. It’s part of a clothing store, but they offer their own blend as well as a second choice of beans, and you can also buy beans for home.
On my way back to the subway I also ran by Dodo Coffee, which is part of a store, but sadly I was already too much in a hurry to try it out, so I only took a picture and added it to the list.

How is the 7th and 6th district?

If you’re already shopping on Mariahilferstraße, all the mentioned Cafés are only a few footsteps away. These specialty coffee shops also cover a great variety of different tastes, so it is worth checking them out if you’re also in the mood for a third-wave coffee tour.

Apart from the ones mentioned here you can also reach Wheel, where I didn’t go on this tour but I already went there quite often for some great Ristretto. On the other side of Mariahilferstraße, you can also reach Brass Monkey and ausnahmsweise, both speciality coffee shops I already visited and liked.

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